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On the ‘eve’ of New Beginnings with 9

Read our review of 9’s latest hosted IP Telephony Solution

As technology continues to evolve, the way we communicate must evolve with it and 9’s brand new intelligent hosted IP telephony service, eve, offers the perfect solution to help businesses achieve this goal.

As the latest communications tool built by one of the UKs top telco, IT and cloud communications service providers, eve offers a wide variety of features that claim to go above and beyond what any traditional phone system has been able to offer before – but how much truth is there in these claims?eve featured 9In order to find out, we decided to do an in-depth review of all of eve’s features to determine what it is they can do, who will benefit from them and how they compare with other phone systems on the market.

How does it look?

With its minimalistic, simplified design, eve offers a single-window solution that enables users to quickly access cutting edge call and collaboration features on multiple devices at the click of a button.

eve 9
eve from 9

Alongside a web portal and a fully featured app which can be downloaded on any personal device, eve is also compatible with the stylish and fully functional Yealink T46G, T48G and W52P SIP phones, alongside other Mitel and Polycom handsets.

What can it do?

Standard Core Calling Features

Firstly, we decided to have a look eve’s core features that come as standard on all packages and offer a number of services designed to cover all of a business’s communication requirements.

With these core features, users can seamlessly pass calls to co-workers via Transfer at the click of a button while the Messaging-on-hold feature allows businesses to advertise products/services to customers and engage with them as they wait for an user.

Moreover, the Core also offers a fully customisable Voicemail service that will take messages from unanswered callers and automatically send email notifications to the user to ensure they follow up the call as soon as possible.

Also included in the core features is the Group Pickup tool that allows users to pick up a co-worker’s phone from their own desk at the click of a button, thus minimising the number of customers a business loses as a result of unanswered calls.

As well as this, eve offers a Hunt Group feature as part of its standard package to direct all relevant calls to specific users in fully customisable routing patterns that can be configured to accommodate for out-of-hours service and specific parts of the day.

Enhanced Collaboration Functionality

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Another feature eve has really gone to town is its single pane collaboration tool designed to improve the speed and efficiency of users who can access all of the phone system’s features from a single location.

Rather than having to switch between various tabs and email to share information or communicate with co-workers, eve allows users to connect in real-time and can be accessed from any location, at any time and from any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a working Internet connection.

Alongside improving the efficiency of individual users, eve’s collaboration tool also allows businesses to set up team groups so that specific users can work together on assigned projects and express ideas through interactive whiteboard sessions, video calls, rapid photo & file sharing and detailed presentations all from a single place.

Call Centre Functionality

For call centre environments, eve offers an innovative wallboard feature that improves call control and enables businesses to view call stats and monitor staff performance/activity in real-time.

With this feature, businesses are given a fully customisable display that offers immediate visibility of how many calls they are receiving, what the average answering time is, how many calls were dropped and much more.

Alongside this, with eve’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) call centres can benefit from a phone system that will automatically redirect inbound calls to specific users or comfort message recordings to minimise queues and reassure the customer as they wait that someone will be with them soon.

eve 9

Cutting-edge Security Features

For any businesses concerned about the rising number of fraud attacks targeting phone systems, the 24-hour real time call monitoring feature offered by eve ensures round-the-clock protection against hacking and other criminal activities.

Though fraud attacks are known to use the element of surprise, eve’s 24/7 monitoring and automatic email notification of any suspicious activity ensures that businesses are never caught out and can act on every threat instantly to prevent maximum damage from occurring.

Intuitive Call Recording Features

With eve’s call recording features, businesses can monitor staff performance and easily retrieve recorded conversations at the click of a button to quickly resolve disputes or identify errors for training purposes.

All calls recorded are stored in a state-of-the-art security data centre that is regularly updated with all the latest security features to ensure all precious information is kept out of the hands of criminals and hackers.

Seamless Integration

Fitting neatly in with a business’s external IT systems, eve will connect effortlessly with Microsoft Outlook for calendar interaction and Skype for Business for checking the presence status of co-workers to further aid collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

As a result, eve lets businesses bring all of their IT systems together in one unified platform that is quick to install and offers little disruption to business practice.

Simplified Number Management

With eve’s number management system, businesses are given much greater flexibility with their inbound numbers by allowing them to either keep their current number or select new numbers from anywhere in country regardless of where the business is based. As a result, the business gains nationwide coverage and will always have the advantage of a ‘local presence’ with callers.

Multi-site Support

Moreover, for businesses with multiple branches spread throughout the country, eve will connect all of the locations together under a single network and all calls made between them are free of charge even if a third-party PBX is being used.

What did we like most?

When there’s so many features to choose from, it’s always difficult to pick out just one. However, we have to admit that we were epically impressed by eve’s collaboration hub and the effort that has gone into its design to ensure businesses can share information effortlessly.

Who is it for?

As an all-in-one solution that can be adapted to meet the phone system requirements of any business environment, we believe that eve is the perfect solution for any business – big or small.

Where can I get more information?

Take a trip and see eve at her homepage.

CommsTrader Opinion

As well as offering a refreshing departure from the countless number of BroadSoft imitations in the market, eve is equally underpinned by its global scale credentials by virtue of its Mitel heritage.

As a complete communications tool that offers flexibility, mobility, cutting-edge security, an abundance of powerful call features and a collaboration tool that aids staff productivity and performance, we believe that eve really is a wonderful product that offers the perfect solution for just about every business.

Have you had any experience with eve that you’d like to share? How do you think it compares with more traditional phone systems? Are there any questions you’d like to ask about the product or opinions you wish to share with others? If so, please feel free to submit your thoughts to our comments section below.

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9's eve really is a wonderful product that offers the perfect solution for just about every business.

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