4IPNet WiFi Review: Safeguarding Your WIFI Connection

How to broaden your business’s reach with uninterupted high speed Internet

As a value-added distributor of one the leading unified communications (UC) and wireless network infrastructure solutions in the market, there is much to be expected from ICON and the products and services they offer to modern businesses.

With this in mind, we shall be writing an in depth review on one of the brands flagship solutions, the 4IPNet Wifi service, where we will offer a professional evaluation of the benefits it brings to businesses and who can benefit most from features it provides.

Before we continue, however, we must stress that we are not distributors of this product and any information provided is just simple advice from a team of industry professionals who use their skills and experience in the field to help potential buyers make the right choice for their individual business type.

Who are ICON?

Founded in 1992, ICON is a company that prides itself on understanding the value of customer satisfaction and has strived to create a wide range of communication solutions that cater for the needs of a large variety of different business types across the globe. More than just a manufacturer of products, ICON have invested a lot of time in customer care and provide free training to all of their partners to ensure that their customers on the end line are given the best support possible if ever any errors or problems occur.

What problems do businesses face with standard WiFi?

4IPNet Wifi Review
4IPNet Wifi ensures all devices remain connected to the network

In the modern age we live in, WiFi plays a major role in the day to day lives of almost everyone and can be found in pretty much every home, every coffee shop, library, hotel, school, not to mention the vast majority of modern businesses who rely on good WiFi to transmit important corporate information and stay connected with clients and business matters over the web.

However, though widely available, finding a reliable WiFi source that is consistent and can meet the demands of users on a regular basis is becoming increasingly difficult and is having a detrimental effect on productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Though there are many issues that can cause this, one of the main reasons arises from the fact that most WiFi connections struggle to deliver good speeds to a network that is flooded with a large number of connected devices from separate users.

How does 4IPNet Wifi differ from the rest?

As ICON’s flagship product, the 4IPNet Wifi service is a fail-safe WiFi solution that guarantees all modern businesses remain connected to the web at all times without any worries or cares. Unlike traditional WiFi solutions that choose to deploy low cost points with low functionality, the 4IPNet Wifi service provide top-of-the-line 802.11 ac access points that ensure maximum output is distributed evenly to all users connected to the network at a price that wont break the bank.

What advantages does the 4IPNet Wifi offer to businesses?

By creating a wireless network that is free from interruption and can provide consistent high speed WiFi to a large number of individual users without lagging in speed, the 4IPNet succeeds in Enhancing Productivity Rates of users by allowing them to send/receive information freely and complete their objectives without obstruction. Moreover, this feature also Drastically Improves Customer Relations as users are able to stay connected to their clients around the clock and are always available to send/receive calls, reply to emails or answer messages sent via social media.

As well as this, the 4IPNet is an Incredibly Cost Effective solution that provides high quality service at a cost that is relatively inexpensive when compared to lesser quality WiFi service providers. This way, businesses can get reliable, consistently strong WiFi that delivers every time without having to invest a great deal of capital, achieving a vastly impressive ROI in the long run.

4IPNet Wifi Review
A powerful 4IPNet wireless access point ensures all users stay connected

Alongside this, the interference detection and built in firewall provides an Outstanding Security Service that protects a businesses WiFi network from being hacked by outside parties and/or used for purposes irrelevant to the goals of the business. As well as ensuring that Internet speeds are kept at a steady pace, these restrictions on what people can search for on the network also prevents procrastination by preventing users from searching the web for things irrelevant to the business or their role in the business.

Which types of businesses would benefit most from this service?

As we mentioned previously, high-speed WiFi is something that every business can benefit from, but if we had to choose one type of business that was most suited to the kind of WiFi offered by 4IPNet, we’d have to say any business that utilises a BYOD system whereby users are able to join the business network on a device of their own choosing. In these types of environments, many different devices are connected to a network and doing this can oftentimes create a lot of traffic that slows the speed of the network down drastically. With 4IPNet, however, this problem is completely eradicated and users can get on with their work completely unhindered.

What do we think of 4IPNet?

For businesses looking for a secure, efficient and reliable WiFi connection that promises to improve productivity, boost staff relations and create a reassuring working environment where users can meet their targets and achieve their goals without fear of interruption then 4IPNet is a fantastic choice.

Having said that, this is only our opinion and if any of our readers have had different experiences with 4IPNet, or they have anything at all would like to share with us, or with other readers, they can submit their comments along with a star rating in the comments section listed at the bottom of the page.

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