An Underdog Tale: Unify Takes on Cisco and Microsoft

Unify OpenScape Cloud UC might rival the leading giants

Unify Cloud PBXAtos-owned company, Unify, recently chose to combine its cloud unified communications and collaboration solution, with its voice communication platform, to create an incredibly competitive product. In fact, the latest offering by Unify might just be innovative enough to place the company in direct competition with leadership rivals like Microsoft, Mitel, and Cisco.

Recently, Unify announced that they were integrating OpenScape Voice into Circuit to deliver a brand-new UCaaS product known as “OpenScape Cloud”, the unique platform will provide extensive access to various OpenScape Voice features, including call failover from any device, encryption, and group conferencing. There’s also access to Circuit features for collaboration, such as chat and video.

A Complete Unified Communication and Collaboration Product

Elka Popova
Elka Popova, VP and Senior Fellow, Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan

The development of OpenScape Cloud continues the latest trend of users and vendors migrating more consistently to the cloud. However, it’s coming late to a market that already features a host of competing products such as Cisco Spark, Mitel Connect, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Skype for Business. According to an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, Elka Popova, however, the product will hold its own in terms of features.

Depending on how you look at the diverse offerings, OpenScape could be able to deliver the same level of collaboration and communication functionality provided by Connect and Cisco Spark. Just like the other cloud unified products on the market, OpenScape Cloud will not be asking businesses to move their entire infrastructure into the cloud straight away. Instead, the platform will allow you to determine exactly how much of your communications you’d like to stay on premises.

A Flexible Option for Modern Business

Unify OpenScape Cloud
Unify OpenScape Cloud

With the new OpenScape Cloud, businesses will be able to choose whether they want to migrate gradually from premise-based to cloud-based solutions, according to their specific needs for growth and expansion. The hybrid architecture that Unify have adapted for their cloud unified communications platform seems much more competitive in today’s space, as most companies aren’t ready to commit themselves completely to the cloud at this time.

If Unify’s “OpenScape Cloud” competes against the leading competitors successfully, then it could take a significant bite out of a market that’s growing more by the day. After all, according to Global Market Insights, the market for unified communications is set to grow to about $96 billion in 2023. That’s a huge step up from its $34.8 billion value back in 2015.

OpenScape Cloud is now available for companies in the UK, US, Germany, and France.


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