TalkTalk Becomes SIP Trunk Provider for 3CX

TalkTalk move into the 3CX platform

3CX logoThe SIP trunking services market has been growing more competitive lately, as organisations jump to take advantage of cost savings and more flexible deployments. Recently, 3CX announced that they had added TalkTalk Business, a popular communications provider, to their 3CX V15.5 platform, after thorough testing.

Over the years, TalkTalk has earned their reputation as a reliable and affordable solution for organisations around the country. Now, they’ve proven themselves to 3CX as a powerful and secure SIP trunking services provider too. 3CX resellers and customers will be able to use the TalkTalk Business SIP trunks through their 3CX PBX following a few simple steps.

TalkTalk Business SIP Trunking

TalkTalk BusinessThe TalkTalk Business SIP trunking service is designed to give companies total control over their end-to-end communication systems, with management for voice connectivity, and the opportunity to reduce call costs. The highly-resilient TalkTalk solution means that companies can simply switch from one channel to another seamlessly without any interruption to their day-to-day services.

With market-leading voice rates, free SIP channels on TalkTalk data connectivity, and now their presence on the 3CX network, TalkTalk are establishing themselves as a competitive force for businesses in search of SIP solutions. According to the Director of “Next Generation Voice” for TalkTalk, Guy Miller, IP products such as hosted voice and SIP trunking is crucial for businesses in search of cost reductions and digital transformation (DX).

The Benefits of the 3CX Platform

3CX is a very agile vendor, capable of making their software work seamlessly alongside almost any other brand on the market. What makes 3CX so unique, is the fact that they’re willing to play nicely with other companies in order to provide a better experience for their customers. This isn’t something that we’ve seen much of in the past, with so many brands in the communications sector seemingly obsessed with fighting for their position in the top spot.

Not only is 3CX adding SIP trunk providers like TalkTalk to 3CX V15.5 solution, but they’re also making it easier for resellers and customers to use TalkTalk Business SIP Trunks too. By following the basic pre-configured template that 3CX have laid out, you can have your solution up and running in minutes – provided that you’re using the latest 3CX 15.5 SP1 version.


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