ShoreTel Will Soon Offer SMS APIs through Google Cloud

The rise of a new Google Cloud tech partner

In an exciting new development for those interested in mobile-first technology, leading communication provider ShoreTel recently announced that it had become a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner. This coveted partnership has led to brand-new opportunities for ShoreTel when it comes to making interactions simpler for business. In fact, the brand will now be offering its customers an SMS API solution through the launcher for Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Launcher has emerged as a fantastic solution for technology partners, by offering ready-to-use solutions, development stacks, and services that are intended to speed up modern developments. Today’s developers can simply explore, deploy, and manage the various solutions they need with a few clicks.

Shoretel GoogleA New Solution for SMS

Thanks to the simplicity and streamlined nature of the Google Cloud Launcher, ShoreTel has been able to make the most of its new partnership. ShoreTel will be using the launcher to give developers the opportunity to integrate outbound and inbound SMS solutions into existing, or brand-new applications. This service will use the “SMS REST APIs” from ShoreTel Summit.

ShoreTel Summit is a CPaaS offering, complete with fantastic developer toolkits and rich API frameworks that make it easier to embed SMS solutions into a system workflow. Alternative, developers can even use the new addition to build customised applications for each of their essential activities, including customer notifications, marketing promotions, appointment reminders, emergency alerts, and more.

A Great Opportunity for ShoreTel

According to the chief marketing officer behind ShoreTel, Mark Roberts, the partnership with Google, and its versatile cloud platform has given the brand a fantastic opportunity to expose even more businesses and developers to the flexible nature of ShoreTel Summit. The delivery of flexible new SMS APIs from ShoreTel will give Developers the chance to automate their communications abilities, and offer a more convenient, and delightful user experience.

About ShoreTel
ShoreTel is a popular communications company, known for providing businesses around the globe with simple services that optimise UC, business phone systems, and solutions for contact centres. ShoreTel provides ease of use and flexibility for companies searching to improve innovation and productivity, through solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid deployments.


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