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New A.I.Connect Initiative Announced by Avaya

Bringing artificial intelligence to enterprise communications

The era of digital disruption is in full swing and Avaya are adding their dance card to the mix, with a brand-new A.I.Connect Initiative. According to an announcement delivered on the 31st of October, the communications company will be collaborating with leading technology partners from around the world to speed up the application of artificial intelligence technologies into contact centres and Unified Communication strategies.

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The A.I.Connect strategy should give Avaya partners, vendors, and customers the chance to create even more exciting experiences for their end customers, based on smarter, more customised interactions through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Avaya and Joining the AI Revolution

It makes sense that Avaya would want to get involved with artificial intelligence, now that their stint in Chapter 11 is finally coming to an end. AI is becoming more innovative by the day, with solutions that not only allow companies to learn what their customers want and need but also proactively respond to their requirements during periods of communication.

With the right AI strategy, you can figure out why a customer is calling before they even start speaking to you, or offer them advice over instant messaging when they’re struggling to find the answers they need online. Because of this, artificial intelligence provides businesses with the opportunities they need to address the growing concerns around customer experience, in a world of empowered, expectant clients.

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Of course, machine learning can also help you to organise data more effectively using predictive analytics and other strategies so that contact centre agents can have access to the information they need in real time.

What is Avaya A.I.Connect?

With the new A.I. Connect strategy, Avaya and the technology firms it partners with are hoping to create the most wide-reaching range of technology solutions available for next-generation customer experience, based on, and integrated into Avaya Breeze, and Oceana. The service will focus on five areas:

  1. Better Workforce Optimisation: A.I.Connect will improve and automate discovery and QA for best-practice models thanks to machine learning solutions while improving resource scheduling with volume prediction, absence prediction, and more
  2. Trend Spotting and Insights: The Avaya strategy can use sentiment analysis and trend insight alongside other techniques to help enterprises improve their offerings and boost performance with richer customer analytics
  3. Agent Augmentation: Avaya customers will be able to improve their chances of advanced cross-selling, upselling and retention opportunities through agent assistance like “Next-Best-Action” suggestions, proactive guidance, and more delivered through video, email, and messaging channels
  4. Smart Routing: With the help of interaction histories and big data, Avaya A.I.Connect can pinpoint which customers should be sent to which agents to deliver the best results. That means that all communications are scientifically optimised
  5. Better Self-Service: In the age of the empowered customer, self-service solutions must be more intuitive than ever. With Avaya, customers can enjoy effortless solutions, including conversational interfaces, and bot-based strategies for instant interactions

The A.I.Connect Network

Though Avaya might be the brand launching A.I.Connect, countless other brands have already gotten involved. For instance, Scoredata and Afiniti will allow customers to analyse data sets, while Cogito and Nuance augment behavioural information with core solutions for sentiment analysis, voice biometrics, and more. Sundown and Nuance also boost self-service solutions for customers and deliver greater automation options too.

On the other hand, partners like EXP360 are bringing virtual reality capabilities into the mix, so that agents can address customer issues from a brand-new angle. There are plenty more partners yet to be announced, but from what we can see so far, A.I.Connect could be a positive move into the digital transformation environment for Avaya.

We’re living in a world today that requires deeper integration, and greater intuition from companies around the globe, particularly when it comes to making the most of new technologies for collaboration and communication.

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