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GITEX Unveils the World’s First Drone Taxi

Dubai shows us the future of transportation with their latest aerial taxi

Excitement is in the air at GITEX 2017, where the theme of the technology conference is “digital transformation”. As the 37th GITEX tech week to take place in Dubai, the event is brimming with industry magic, ranging all the way from the latest UC and communication strategies, to a life-changing development by the “Roads and Transport Authority” (RTA).

Some of the biggest tech gurus in the world have come together to showcase their ideas for the future, and the new automated aerial taxi developed by the RTA maybe one of the most interesting products yet. Designed by a firm called “Volocopter”, the “AAT” includes 18 rotors and is recognised as the world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle to successfully complete its test flights.

The AAT is our first look at a future that’s highlighted by safe, quick, and effective mobility in transportation, without the need for human intervention.

Exploring the Magic of Automated Transportation

According to the director general of the RTA, Mattar Al Tayer, the two-seater automated aerial taxi could be integrated with a range of transportation systems, including busses, trams, and taxis. Ultimately, we could be exploring a possibility that allows the people of the future to book a taxi, and safely fly from one destination to another, without the need for a pilot.

Some of the other services that were on display at GITEX this week included the “Dubai Integrated Mobility Transport Platform”. Otherwise known as S’hail, this platform gives commuters the ability to access the entire Dubai transit network through a single smart app. If the app is successful, Dubai will be one of the world’s first cities to truly explore the possibility of a “smart city” in terms of transport.

S’hail integrates various public transport solutions around the city, including buses, trams, and taxis, with other services like Careem and Uber. At a later stage, there’s also a plan to implement trolleys, limousines, and the Palm monorail into the system, so that clients can book any transportation they need and pay fares through a single UI.

Dubai Drive Upgrade

Besides, it’s incredible automated aerial taxi, and the S’hail platform, the RTA is also unveiling an upgrading version of the Dubai Drive application at this year’s GITEX. Apparently, the new app will offer something called “Salik services”, as well as enabling instant chat for customer service. The app will allow motorists to do several important things, including paying for traffic fines and parking fees.

Additionally, the Salik services feature should give you the opportunity to top up your Salik account, check on the latest prices for fuel, and renew any outdated vehicle or driving licenses.

All the updates made by the RTA seem to integrate perfectly with the theme of digital transformation. What’s more, the technologies link back to one of the biggest stands at GITEX this year, the “Smart Dubai” platform, which brings together the projects of 42 different government agencies devoted to making Dubai the “smartest” city in the world.

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