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Vidyo Attracts $9.4 Million in Mystery Investment

Sources say the cash comes from an undisclosed investor

Vidyo LogoVidyo has been making waves in the communication industry over the last couple of months, by enhancing the video conferencing services it can offer its customers. The company, known for delivering an incredible quality of cloud video conferencing solutions, alongside platform-as-a-service products, and on-premise solutions, has been exploring new opportunities for quick and efficient UC services, and the investment is rolling in.

According to a filing with the SEC, Vidyo has achieved a financial investment of around $9.4 million from an undisclosed investor. At present, the reasoning behind the cash injection isn’t entirely clear, as the details of the financing are shrouded in mystery. However, it makes sense to say that the company will probably be using the money to continue enhancing its video services.

Vidyo in the Marketplace

Back in September, Vidyo joined forces with NICE to develop new real-time customer interaction services between the brand and their customers using the VidyoEngage system. At the same time, the organisation has been experimenting with solutions for patient engagement, implementing Vidyo.io platforms into various patient portals.

According to global studies, the global healthcare video conferencing market is estimated to grow significantly over the next five years, with help from companies like Vidyo as well as Cisco, Polycom, and Zoom. With that in mind, it may be that Vidyo is planning on using their latest investment to expand the services that they can offer to the healthcare environment – an area where they’ve already shown significant strength.

According to the CEO of Vidyo, Eran Westman, telemedicine is experiencing rapid growth in the marketplace, with every state in America beginning to adopt telemedicine and remote care solutions. Westman believes that people are finally ready to embrace the possibilities of new technology in the healthcare industry.

The Future of Vidyo

Vidyo Mobile App
Video collaboration on hand-held devices with Vidyo

It’s difficult to speculate on the future of Vidyo at this time – particularly when so few details are available on the web. However, what we can say, is that if Vidyo continues to invest in innovative new solutions for video communications, then it should see plenty of growth.

Since it began in 2005, Vidyo has emerged as a leader in everything, from delivering brand-new standards for the concept of Vidyo compression in the UC marketplace, to introducing the first video client for mobile devices. With a little luck, this new investment will simply open new doors for Vidyo to explore the marketplace it shines in best.


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