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Exploring the Future of Avaya at GITEX Technology Week

We Catch Up with the Avaya International President at GITEX

An array of smart technologies and industry-changing innovations will be on display at the 37th GITEX technology week, beginning on Sunday the 8th of October, and running all the way through to October 12th.

Spread over an area of about 92,900 square metres, GITEX is a mecca of development, complete with 4,500 exhibitors from around 97 different countries – each showcasing some of the best technology in the world, including solutions for smart government services, mobility, and artificial intelligence.

With about 150,000 registered attendees present, including some of the biggest tech gurus and world innovators, GITEX is the place to be this week. If nothing else, the opportunity to see the first automated aerial taxi, on display at the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) pavilion is enough of an excuse to send tech junkies flocking to the event.

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Exploring GITEX: The Home of Technology

Avaya Stand @ GITEX 2017
Avaya Stand @ GITEX 2017

As I began to walk around GITEX for the first time myself, I had the opportunity to see some truly incredible, next-level technology on show, ranging all the way from concept cars, to robotics, and even tech start-ups showcasing their latest work.

The theme for this year’s GITEX is digital transformation – and the concept is on everyone’s lips. Currently, the digital transformation industry is estimated to be worth around $2 trillion by the end of 2019. Even at the very earliest stages of the conference, it’s easy to see that every company is taking the idea of transformation seriously.

The event started with his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates being toured around the technology fair. After that incredible honour, I had the chance to enjoy yet another incredible experience, sitting down for a chat with the President of Avaya International, Nidal Abou-Itaif. I reached out to ask Nidal what was coming next for Avaya.

What’s the Latest in Avaya International Tech?

As always, Avaya has jumped head-first into the concept of digital transformation, with a range of incredible technology. This year, the brand is focusing heavily on things like the blockchain, AI, and IoT. In their speeches and demonstrations, Avaya is showing off how they work alongside their customers and partners to create solutions that go beyond digital experience.

Avaya is integrating some of the most disruptive tech on the market, including Blockchain, IoT, and AI, into open solutions that help to drive unique business value for different case circumstances. As Nidal said:

“Avaya is continuing our investment into the latest technology, pushing towards the cloud and digital transformation. During GITEX, you’ll hear our CEO talking about how we’ll be investing more in the UC world, and corresponding verticals. Ideally, we’ll be simplifying solutions for our customers and giving them more freedom. For Avaya, the focus is on not what “we want” as a business, but what our customers want.”

Nidal went on to note that Avaya will continue to be an open platform that allows people to integrate what they need into a bespoke custom-made solution or strategy.

How Has Avaya Experienced Their Own Digital Transformation?

Interestingly, Avaya is in a unique position in the tech industry this year. That’s because Avaya has explored their own path of digital transformation lately, adopting new leaders, and a new structure that allows them to split between American and International development. Regardless of a few bumps along the road, Avaya is in great shape for a future that balances on innovation, growth, and success.

Ultimately, Avaya’s primary focus for the future is on delivering vertical solutions and innovations that drive true business benefits, and measurable ROI. Using their latest solutions for customer engagement, such as Breeze and Oceana, they’ve been able to create some incredible use examples to show customers at GITEX this year:

“We sat down as a team to decide what we really wanted to show at GITEX this year. We didn’t just want to simply show the same old product demonstrations. We wanted to give our customers an insight into how Avaya has been able to help companies solve numerous problems using our technology. Avaya is helping our customers deal with common issues through a range of open and adaptable services and technology strategies.”

One example that Nidal pointed out, is that Avaya has been able to improve the communication strategies between companies and field engineers. By using contact centre technology like Oceana, Avaya has been able to speed up the connections between people in a business network, regardless of where they are. “We are listening to our customers, and using our technology to contribute to true digital transformation.”

How are the Vantage Phones and Equinox Contributing to DX?

Just some of the technology that Avaya is using to inspire digital transformation this year, is the Equinox communication and collaboration strategy, combined with hardware tech like the all-new Vantage phones. “For us, Equinox is about communication enablement,” said Nidal.

While the new Vantage phones allow companies to engage using an innovative new device, complete with plenty of custom experiences designed to fit seamlessly with diverse business processes and workflows, they’re not the only way to make the most out of Equinox. While the Avaya Equinox experience can be used in conjunction with Vantage phones to deliver a richer range of features and applications, the Equinox system is designed to work with a range of end-points to deliver complete freedom to business processes.

With their open strategy, Avaya is giving their customers more freedom to create the solutions they need to make the most out of digital transformation.

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