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Award-Winning Natterbox Continues to Evolve

Natterbox builds their brand with an Institute of Sales Management partnership

Leading global provider of voice cloud solutions, Natterbox, have recently earned some much-deserved attention in the media. They just announced a partnership with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM), which should help them to improve their already impressive solutions for customer service management.

Lately, Natterbox has been something of a disruptive force in the telecoms world, delivering unique cloud telephony services designed to suit the needs of the empowered modern customer. As the world’s first cloud telephony vendor to offer end-to-end phone systems integrated with Salesforce, Natterbox have joined together with ISM to further refine their journey towards professional call centre development.

One of the Simplest Contact Centre Solutions Around

It’s easy to see what makes Natterbox so special in the current market. Recently, they won the prestigious “Salesforce Demo Jam” for the second time in a row during a Sydney invent, after they blew the audience away by designing a contact centre in just three minutes. One of only 6 AppExchange partners given the chance to demonstrate their products, Natterbox had a maximum of 3 minutes to showcase their abilities to customers and judges.

At the “Down Under Dreaming: Sydney” event, Natterbox took to the stage to show their customers how they could set up a completely Salesforce-integrated contact centre in just three minutes, complete with Advanced voice services. Charles Heunemann, Managing Director VP Asia Pacific for Natterbox invited a member of the audience to use their mobile phone to text their name into Salesforce, and each audience volunteer received a text message confirming them as a contact centre agent.

Charles then created a brand-new phone number allowing customers to call the Natterbox contactcentre, where they were placed into a live queue and routed through the Natterbox WebRTC phone in Salesforce. The call was then distributed to the volunteer audience, who received personalised calls that addressed them by name.

The Integration with ISM

Natterbox offers a completely unique application that allows customers to build a full phone system within Salesforce. The cloud service gives administrators the chance to create and develop an end-to-end contact system from the heart of the Salesforce platform. This solution can either replace existing phone systems or integrate over an existing PBX.

Natterbox believes that by collaborating with ISM, they’ll be able to further invest in a more powerful, and competitive service for their customers. According to the Corporate Account Director for ISM, Tom Moverly, the collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to work with Natterbox, a company who understands the need for high-quality professional standards. Tom noted that ISM is excited about the concept of delivering value to Natterbox, and vice versa, by building a stronger solution for customer engagement.


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