Avaya to the Rescue! Dealing with the Microsoft UM Support Issue

Avaya plan to offer continued help after Microsoft drops support

Avaya rescue MS UMMicrosoft recently informed their customers that as of Summer 2018, they won’t be providing any support for using Session Border Controllers for the connection of Exchange Online Unified Messaging to PBX systems. This means that customers subscribing to Office 365 for unified messaging and email will not be able to connect directly through SBC. In other words, unless you completely move your solution over to Skype for Business, or adopt a new API service, then you could lose access to your UC system.

The good news? If you’re not interested in making such a drastic change to your unified messaging capabilities, then Avaya could have the solution. With one of the most innovative API integration opportunities on the UC market, Avaya will give you the easy integration system you need, so you don’t have to worry about making huge changes to your communication environment. The “Officelinx” system is available for any non-Avaya or Avaya system for practical integration with Microsoft Office 365 and unified messaging.

Why Choose Officelinx?

Officelinx by Avaya comes with a range of fantastic features to keep your business working as standard – regardless of the Microsoft changes. From the unified messaging inbox to the integration across email platforms that allows you to access voicemail content from any inbox, Officelinx provides a simple and streamlined way to stay on track with your UC solution. You’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Network-wide event notification when you need to share information with a large group through text, email, pager, or landline contact
  • Bi-directional synchronisation to simplify the act of listening to, or reading a message on phone devices and email platforms
  • Integrated interactive voice response, auto-attendant, speech recognition, and call tree functionality to route calls to the right recipients at the right times, without human intervention

Don’t Be Caught Out by Microsoft Support Problems

If the abolished support for Microsoft third-party PBXs with Unified Messaging is going to force you to re-think your entire unified communications strategy, then Avaya’s Officelinx solution could be the answer to your prayers – particularly if you’re not interested in making the move to the Skype for Business system yet. Avaya hopes that their solution will provide a life-raft to Microsoft customers who feel somewhat abandoned by the recent announcement.

If you’re interested in finding out more, reach out to one of your Avaya sales reps or partners to see about setting up your Officelinx service.


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