Digital Transformation Starts from Within

Addressing the heart of digital transformation

As we dive further into the confusion surrounding digital transformation, different opinions emerge across the industry. One looks at the concept of digital transformation starting from within. The idea outlines that digital isn’t just about technology – though that’s obviously an important factor. Instead, digital is more a way of doing business. We’re engaging with digital lives that run on things like apps, and online interactions. In that way, digital transformation is about a world that’s “always on”.

When a company moves towards digital transformation, then, their aim should be to break down the barriers existing between technology, and the people who support businesses. When done properly, digital means businesses can simplify solutions for customers and make working lives easier for technology experts. When done really well, there may be no need for customers to interact with brands digitally, because they understand exactly where they’re at with your services and products.

Transforming from the Inside Out

Heart Digital TransformationDigital transformation could be about transforming the company from the inside out, using technology to enable interaction between external customers and internal experts in real-time. It needs to be intuitive, and seamless, and should extend to the tools that staff members use to interact.

Digital isn’t limited to the website or front-end. However, it’s easy to see that something’s gone wrong when a website is difficult to navigate. Simple is often hard to do right, as it’s easier to ask the customers to do the hard work when interacting with your business. That’s why so many companies aren’t sure of digital transformation. They believe it’s another expensive layer on their IT costs, and not worth the effort it would take to make it frictionless for customers.

However, customers today expect better experiences, and pre-configured solutions won’t offer the flexibility companies need. Instead, modern businesses need to invest in the customer experience, constantly improving and building their setup with new innovations.

Linking Business and IT

The truth is that digital transformation simply isn’t possible if separation remains between IT and business, as is the case with many companies. Customers need to be brought closer to the business through a digital interface, and internally, IT and business groups need to work together towards a shared digital vision. The days where businesses show up to IT with a list of requirements are gone. We aren’t building something static, instead, we’re focusing on continual improvement and investment.

Even minor investments to improvements in your digital interface can be worthwhile. Shaving seconds off a task is a valuable thing in the digital world, as they can mean the difference between a delighted, or frustrated customer. At the heart of digital transformation today, there needs to be a fundamental focus towards the customer experience, and putting your client first – always improving the customer experience.


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