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  • Waterloo Train Station


    How Flexible Working & Live Video Can Help Those Affected at Waterloo

    With commuters at Waterloo station facing up to 4 weeks of travel chaos due to engineering works, now is the time for businesses to follow the innovative few and invest in flexible working alternatives, to ensure their workforce does not have to rely on trains to get work done.

  • Skype


    Features That New Skype Version Has to Offer

    Skype is known for video chatting as not long ago the app’s name was synonymous with the feature of video chatting. But in the recent years it has faced stiff competition as other apps such as Facebook and Snapchat have introduced video chatting features.

  • Love It


    Buyers Love Flexibility, So Let’s Give it to Them

    It is fairly safe to say that few businesses are still sceptical as to whether UC improves collaboration, boosts productivity or enhances customer service. The countless use-cases available prove these benefits.

  • Agile


    Your Business Needs a Genuinely Agile Tech Platform

    An agile technology platform can help your company deliver on your digital transformation objectives. Businesses are engaging with various different approaches towards Digital Transformation (DX) to remain relevant in face of external pressures.

  • Held Back


    Don’t Get Held Back by Your UCaaS Vendor Choices

    Stephen Hackett, MD of Intelisys Global, believes that with the UCaaS market now accelerating fast, it’s really important that resellers don’t find themselves restricted either by UCaaS vendor choices or by their historical UC market focus.

  • Blog Phone


    Blog Comp 2017: What’s Rita’s Phone Number?

    With the topic of customer data being on every marketing director’s hit list, then I believe it is a good time to share a story based on my mother’s favourite question (see above) and how far we have advanced since, “I was a lad.”

  • Young Woman Tablet


    Blog Comp 2017: Fight or Flight

    To stay and battle with old technologies and ways of working? Or spread your wings and soar to the cloud?

  • ALE Blog


    An Enterprise Without Borders: Solving the Disconnect

    Craig Walker of ALE explores the technologies that will take enterprises to a whole new level of connectivity – linking together previously siloed workforces, processes and systems and taking advantage of new technologies to transform the enterprise into an enterprise without borders.

  • Fones Furious



    Blog Comp 2017: The Fone & The Furious

    Customer Telephony ‘Journeys’ disappoint and are stuck in the past. Businesses need to move ‘fast’ to adopt new cloud offerings, ‘driving’ customers to new personalised & shortened destinations.

  • PGI Blog


    Top Five Considerations in Choosing a UC&C Technology Direction

    The term UC&C, unified communications and collaboration, is banded around organisations globally. The UC&C technology sector is on the rise too, and it’s justified. Guest Blog by Lyndsay Cook, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Demand Generation at PGi

  • Cloud Security

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    The GDPR and Cloud Communications Explored

    Come May next year, every business in the UK will be subject to strict new EU regulations on data protection. Despite Brexit looming, the government has confirmed that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be adopted, replacing current laws on data handling.

  • Mitel Acquisitions - Mitel Acquire ShoreTel


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    Mitel – what next for ShoreTel Partners & Customers

    This week Mitel announced an agreement to purchase ShoreTel in an all-cash deal worth approximately $430 million. This is probably one of the unified communications industry’s biggest pieces of news since Avaya filed for chapter 11 in January earlier this year.

  • Skype vs SfB


    Do You Need Skype or Skype for Business?

    Skype and Skype for Business might seem similar, but the truth is that they offer very different levels of functionality. Let’s figure out which one is right for you.

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    Audio Can Make Or Break Your Meeting

    Workplace collaboration has experienced a radical transformation in recent years, wherein virtual meetings have become not just commonplace, but a vital part of our communications paradigm. Guest blog by Brian Brorsbøl, Director of Product Management CC&O at Sennheiser Communications.

  • IOT


    Watch Out, The IoT’s About

    The presence of IoT is growing, and it seems that its definition is broader than we thought. As technology evolves, what can we really expect from the Internet of Things?

  • RingCentral Telecommuting Blog


    Managing Telecommuting Employees – Some Helpful Tips

    Telecommuting or work from home arrangements have steadily risen over the last few years. According to data from, which was updated last January 2016, the number of regular work-at-home employees has grown by 103% from 2005.

  • Year of AI 2017


    2017 and The Rise of Bots: Is This the Year of AI?

    Is 2017 the year that AI finally breaks through into the marketplace? If the activity for the first half of the year is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

  • Avaya Blog2


    5 Things Not To Miss: When Mapping Your Customer Journey Transformation

    A customer journey map puts the user front and centre in the organisation’s thinking. It shows changes in customer behaviour and demonstrates the need for the entire organisation to adapt. Guest Blog by Paul Wakefield, Strategic Accounts SE at Avaya UK