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Our Best Video Conferencing Reviews for 2017

Are you prepared for the Age of Video?

Best of Video ConferencingWant all the convenience of a face-to-face conversation, without the travel costs? Video conferencing could be the answer that many businesses are searching for in today’s ever-more dispersed work environment. Over recent years, the technology for both web and video conferencing has started to get it’s act together. No longer do we have to worry about freezing screens or sub-bar visual quality.

Now that we’re moving firmly into 2018, video conferencing has seen such a significant rise in popularity, that some vendors and channel partners have begun to believe that the new year could officially mark the age of video. In fact, one study by Powwownow found that 75% of senior management believe that video conferencing will replace the standard audio conference call.

Why Businesses Are Loving the Video Call

Over the years, the video conferencing and collaboration market has emerged as more than just something to give a little extra something to your audio meetings. With the right video technology, companies can effectively expand their presence, tapping into talent from across the world. After all, video conferencing allows you to reduce travel costs and office costs in some cases, while connecting with clients, coworkers, and specialists from around the globe.

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With video, it’s possible to inspire greater engagement among staff, as people generally feel more motivated by face-to-face interactions than instant messaging or email, and you could potentially build stronger relationships with clients thanks to the subtle nuances that appear in body language and facial expression.

Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Service

Selecting the perfect solution for video conferencing means deciding exactly which goals you’d like to accomplish with your new communication strategy. As we move further into the future, new and improved video connections are giving enterprises the opportunity to tap into everything from HD images, to virtually lag-free correspondence.

You can even combine your video conferencing strategy with other parts of your UC world, connecting to collaboration software and document sharing platforms to make working on a group project easier than ever.

Often, you’ll find yourself asking several questions, such as:

  • How many participants will you have in your calls?
  • How often will you be using video conferencing?
  • What kind of integration and additional functionality do you need?
  • What level of audio and visual quality are you looking for?
  • How secure can your video network be?

The Best Video Conferencing Reviews

To help make sure that you’re prepared for the year ahead, we asked some of the most important questions about video conferencing equipment on your behalf, with our collection of the best video conferencing reviews.

Read through the following to get our opinions on some of the most popular solutions on the market, and make your decision on video for your company:

Crestron Mercury Review: Tabletop Video Conferencing for Agile Collaboration

Eyeson Review: Plug-in Video Conferencing for Every Occasion

BlueJeans Review: Placing HD Audio Front & Centre of Conferencing Technology

Lifesize Review: Plug-and-Play Video Collaboration for Huddle Rooms

Lifesize App Review: The Complete Cloud Solution for All Your Conferencing Needs

Polycom Review: Connecting Everyone in the Meeting Space

UCi2i VaaS Review – Cloud Video Conferencing Made Simple

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