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Avaya Comes to Dreamforce with Leadership in Mind

What to expect from Avaya at Dreamforce

Avaya DreamForce
6-9 November, San Francisco, CA

When Avaya announced that they would be attending the 2017 Dreamforce conference held by Salesforce this year, they were keen to point out that they weren’t just “jumping on the bandwagon.” According to the press release, Avaya wanted to make sure that they were connecting their presence at Dreamforce to something valuable for their audience. It makes sense then, that the participation at Dreamforce would come just after Avaya announced a global alliance with Salesforce in February.

For Avaya, the purpose of attending the annual conference will be to draw more attention to the potential of the new partnership and showcase the opportunities yet to come. As brands continue to focus on digital transformation, and the flexible integration of communication channels, both Avaya and Salesforce believe that their partnership couldn’t have come at a better time.

A Partnership for Digital Transformation

For most brands today, digital transformation is all about exploring the potential of new opportunities on the market, from mobility and cloud technology to analytics, multichannel integration, and workflow customisation. According to Avaya, the focus for them is on appealing to customers who want to make the most of digital channels but aren’t sure how to integrate new strategies into their framework.

According to Avaya research into the adoption of digital channels, about 80% of businesses choose best-of-breed digital channels, which means that they’re combining omnichannel solutions from a range of different vendors. The partnership between Salesforce and Avaya that will be showcased at Dreamforce is intended to give customers the chance to choose what they want from their vendors. Apparently, Avaya is working alongside Salesforce to find out what customers and agents need most so that they can provide a more customised approach to digital transformation.

Driving Stronger Solutions

During the Dreamforce event, Avaya will no doubt be informing partners of how they can make the most of Avaya solutions with their Salesforce CRM. According to Avaya, both companies are looking for ways to work together to transform the way modern businesses engage with their customers.

Importantly, Avaya points out that while most companies simply go to Dreamforce because they feel as though it’s the “right thing to do”, Avaya are making their presence known because they want to cement their position as a leader within the UC environment. Avaya believes that now the time is right to fully celebrate the collaboration between Avaya and Salesforce, and that’s why they’ll be visiting Dreamforce this year.


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